any recommendations on laptop....

    i always had a desktop but i dont do as much as i used to and our lass wants the space.

    i convert home movies and burn bluray. I know could get a bluray writer external just want something could handle the tasks easily I want spend 300 to 400.


    Worth checking some of the deals here

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    I do keep eye out

    Movie conversions are much faster on multi-core intel processors (more cores/threads=faster conversion)
    I actually set conversions going between a AMD Phenom II 1100T (6 Core) Desktop against an i7-3630QM (Quad Core+HyperThreading) Laptop.

    The laptop beat the PC by over 10 minutes.
    So i wouldn't go for a basic dual core. In an ideal scenario you'd want a Quad core+HyperThreading, but it will probably be beyond your budget, unless you go for something second-hand.
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