Any recommendations on washing machines and fridges?

Found 3rd May
I'm looking for energy saving A+++ and reliable type. Any suggestions on what type of make and models?
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Avoid hotpoint, indesit, beko, candy and those same brands owned by those groups. A Beko fridge burnt my mums house down after caught fire in the middle of the night, it wasn’t a recalled model either and was only about 5 years old.

I would recommend Bosch although they are a little pricey they last and the inner plastic stuff (shelves and things like that isn’t as brittle as other manufacturers).

Get one with a metal back panel, do not get any other type of back panel, metal backs are shown to significantly reduce fire progression giving smoke detectors a chance to pick up the smoke and you and our family time to escape.
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As above. Go for one with a 5 year guarantee. LG and Samsung often do them.

If you have lots of money then buy a Miele.
paul123edwards25 m ago

As above. Go for one with a 5 year guarantee. LG and Samsung often do …As above. Go for one with a 5 year guarantee. LG and Samsung often do them.If you have lots of money then buy a Miele.

We did buy Miele and I won't bother again. 2 x ovens, warming drawer, washer, condenser dryer, 2 x dish washer.

For the money, I expect superb performance and total reliability. Reliability is so 'good' that we know the engineer quite well. I expect to skip the devices as they fail due to Miele's ludicrous charges.

The only device I would consider IF IT WAS A PRICE BLUNDER BARGAIN is the dryer. It is trouble free and dries very efficiently.

Dishwasher performance is OK but drying is poor. The cutlery tray is nice but not essentials. A mate has the bottom of the range Bosch and its better. We have also had that model in holiday cottages and confirmed the experience.

Ovens are no better or worse than other brands but the large oven has problems and its now out of warranty with Miele being of absolutely no help.

Brand names are fine but only if they. at the very least, meet expectations.
Go for LG with turbo wash. Wash cycles are quick unlike many new machines that take 4 hours
Bosch and LG.
Blomberg washing machines have a five year parts and labour warranty. Check your local independent Euronics store.
I’ve had hoover for past 14 years that’s just failed repair man recommends hoover said any of the following hoover beko or hotpoint I’ve just ordered from Tesco with an extra 20% off paid 199 don’t expect to get another 14 years but for that price won’t complain
Our Bosch washing machine is 15 years old nearly 16 years old and it’s still going strong and it’s never been repaired, touch wood.
The Anti-limescale magnets are they worth getting?
I’ve had no issues with our Beko fridge that replaced another Beko fridge last year that was over 10 years old.

I’d second LG for the machine, it’s not sealed bearings so easier to replace and the standard wash is only just over an hour and a half. There’s a quick wash that takes about 20 minutes as well on ours. I can’t remember the model number off the top of my head, but it was about £450ish.
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