Any regular eBay sellers notice the search algorithm has changed between 5th/6th Jan?

Posted 7th Jan 2023 (Posted 23 h, 42 m ago)
I sell on eBay regularly, I repair / refurbish games consoles and list them in the Video Games Consoles category...

When you list a new item, you usually start AT or NEAR the top of the first page, under the Top 4 promoted spots, from there, your listing gradually slides down search results, the speed at which depends on the number of people listing in that category, and keeps going lower, getting less views until you decide to take it down and re-list the item again. It's been like this since the start of 2021 at least!

Ever since the other day, my listings haven't been hitting the top of search results, for example, I list a new item and it goes straight to Page 3 or 4, sometimes even lower, and gets absoloutley no views whatsoever. I'm doing nothing differently, and this is in the same category that for the past two years, whenever I re-list my item it pops into the top couple of spots just under the promoted listings and THEN makes its way down. This is usually how I get the bulk of my sales, because it's a busy category your chances of a sale significantly reduce if you aren't on the first page...

Listings that used to get 75-100 views in 24 hours are now getting anywhere between 5-15, a significant change overnight, I check the search results for my items in incognito, and they don't rank where they did before!

Would be interesting to hear if anyone has experienced / is experiencing the same?
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    Surely it depends on the sort by option, if you search with the sort by option as “newly listed” then it will be listed in order by date/time listed. I never search by “best match”, so I can’t comment on that option.
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    Just found a picture of my impressions graph on eBay for the last few days, so you can visualise what I mean!

    Holiday season is over , comparison to same time last year? Last few years are not normal times covid etc , and now cost of living increases. May not be ebay but consumer habits
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    It's been that way for a while, my wife has noticed her brand new listings don't show up even if she searches for exact words. I'm not sure what's happening to the algorithm, but it doesn't bode well.

    Even as a buyer though, when I search for something I'm getting all sorts of garbage. Things that aren't even close to what I'm searching for. Almost every time they've 'streamlined the results'.
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    In 20 years of eBay my listings never appeared at the top when listing as they always go to the bottom due to ebay default (on mine) being ending soonest first. So a newly listed item would always go to the bottom. Maybe you have changed something.
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    This has never been the case as far as I know.

    New listing do get a boost but it's not to the top of page one.

    Ranking has always been based on how optimised your listing is for the category.

    75 views in 24 hours is redic good. You must have some good listing to pull those numbers consistently.
    Personally I've been using eBay regularly over the last 2 years and whenever I list an item I go in incognito to see where it is and it's usually at the very top of the first page just underneath the top 4 promo spots, then gradually slides down the longer it's up!
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    As BabiDealings said above, it needs the buyer to search by "Newly Listed". If you don't, you get all sorts of crap and repeat listings, and "endless scrolling" in the results.
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