Any reliable speedtest sites for Mobile broadband?

    Ok here we go - how can I get a good idea what speed my new "3" usb broadband modem is connecting at.

    i have just taken one of these out for my Dad and this is what I have found

    Installed and it says 3.6Mbps - so is this a 3.g meg connection?
    According to the 3 shop we are in a Turbo enabled network.

    If I run two laptops side by side and use the follwing sites I get the follwing results…st/

    ADSL - 1.7Mbps
    3 USB - 69k

    ADSL - 2.0 Mbps
    3 USB - 296kbps

    ADSL - 1.7 Mbps
    3 USB - 219kbps

    So are these sites reliable with mobile 3G broadband?

    But if I download say winrar from that is a 1.15MB file the times are similar

    ADSL - 1.05 min
    3 USB - 1.18 mins

    but the 3 usb does feel much slower

    am i barking up the wrong tree or am I missing something here or what

    what other sites are good to test real downloads on?



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    anyone ?

    I only have three days to check this out


    1.15mb is far too small to test it on, and if a 2mbps ADSL connection took a minute to download then the other end is slow, it should have taken about ten seconds.

    Hmm, you probably want something around 100-200mb to test it, big enough that the overall time will probably give you an accurate speed but small enough that you won't use up too much of the small download limit provided (Assuming you're on one of the cheaper plans). I think the latest version of OpenOffice is around that size so that might make a good test download. If it downloads in the same time on both or faster on the Three modem then you know it's on the turbo network.

    The speed tests should be accurate, it's to be hoped that the network connection is transparent and Three aren't tampering with your packets to slow down big downloads or anything similar. 300kbps sounds like you're not actually on the turbo network, normal 3G is 384 Kbps. Still perfectly usable if you're not downloading big files though.

    Ultimately, if the internet connection is fast enough for what you're going to be using it for then the numeric speed doesn't matter.

    Like your speed test shows you're connected to standard 3g rather than 3.5g, like EndlessWaves says it doesn't make alot of difference unless you're downloading big files.

    At the end of the day they won't guarentee any speeds as it's all down to what network you're connected to at the time. ie you might be in an area that's supposedly on 3.5g but only getting 3g speeds.

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    thanks guys

    yes when I watch the 3 user interface for the modem it is hoping between 3g and HPDSA

    I will try a bigger file when i get to birmingham tomorrow, I am in rural Cumbria now but according to the 3 website this is a turbo area.

    We will see

    when it is on HPDSA it does not seem too bad - just a pity it cannot hold the signal:x


    3g is the old one whereas hpdsa is the new faster one. But you knew that already didn't you!

    Anyway, wouldn't have thought you'd get more than 3g in the countryside. Either way I don't think they guarentee any speed so you probably won't be able to get anything out of them, probably just a refund.

    here in cumbria think carlisle itself is the only turbo area though west cumbria may have it as well
    doubt theres any turbo in the rural areas too many damm hills lol
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