any retailers still sell the ipod classic 30gig?

Found 28th Aug 2008
I only seem to be able to find the 80gig version now but thought I might get a 30gig one cheaper, I only have about 15gig of music & it's taken me years to get that so 30gig would be fine for me.

Mines broken & I'm not that keen on getting a 2nd hand one cuz I want a warrenty - this one packed in simply because I let the battery run out & now it hasn't got enought charge to boot and start charging - what a piece of crap!

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Have a look at Apples own clearance store. Although I think it's an expensive option rather than just replace the battery.
thanks - I can't see any classics on that link - only touch, nano's and shuffles which don't have much space on them.

I'm planning on ordering a battery replacement kit from ebay tonight\tomorrow I think but I'm not sure if it's just the battery that has gone in it - I can't get it to even goto the very low battery screen please wait any more which it was doing 2 days ago
Just be careful, as far as I am aware, the word classic is only applied to the 6th gen 80 and 160 gb ipods. Any30 gb version given is not called a classic, it is an older model than the one that apple definied a classic.
try amazon - they still do 30GB iPods: ]Linky
oh - thanks guys - it's the black 30gig video I have - I thought it was called a classic cuz it looks like one

Gotta put the little un to bed now - will have a look around & at the link in 30mins

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