Any route planner take into account predicted traffic conditions?

Found 11th May 2010
I need to be in the centre of Gloucester for 8.30 am tomorrow morning. It's suppossed to take 50mins normally but that doesn't take into account all the traffic at that time. Is there one of the route planners that takes it into account? Like you can put what time you need to be there for?
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Where are you coming from?
Most will tell you of known roadworks etc, I would add an extra half hour on to be on the safe side.
Monmouthshire. I always end up giving myself too much time when going for an appointment somewhere new and then just sit and wait in my car for ages. I suppose it's better than being late! Will just do the same tomorrow.
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If you need to be somewhere first thing, give yourself an hours wiggle room for the travel.

If you get there early as planned, park up in a supermarket and treat yourself to a good English breakfast, if the traffic is pants you should still get there in time.
The thing is these route planners assume you are travelling within the national speed limits, so put your foot down and alls cushty :thumbsup:

P.S. I once shaved 50 minutes off a RAC route planner from Manchester to Essex
I would add 30 mins on to the time, getting into Gloucester at rush our is a right royal pain, but depends where you're going. Most of gloucester is dual carriage ways but it's busy.
Tryit Tomtom Route Planner in Tomtom web page.
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