Any runners out there? Advice appreciated


    I'd appreciate any advice from any runners. I'm trying to get fit again. I have a fairly serious back disease, similar to rheumatoid arthritis, so have to avoid any impact to my hips, spine and neck.

    I have a cross trainer which is o.k. as far as it goes, but doesn't get me as fit as running did. I've tried running again today and was pretty fit, but could feel the impact through my body.

    My question is, will a quality pair of running shoes help with the impact ( I just used trainers today) or would I be better off with a decent treadmill. I prefer to run outdoors, but unless I can lessen the impact, that's unlikely to be possible.



    have you considered cycling or swimming? both have pretty much no impact.

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    Hi. Cycling's out as I can't bend over or sit for any length of time. Swimming is fine, but doesn't seem to increase fitness levels in the same way. For some reason only running seems to get me properly fit.:)

    Thats a tricky one really, Because when I injured my back, literally everything felt like it was connected!

    I'm thinking possibly a treadmill would be better, Because at least then your in your own home, So if you run as far as you can, Its not like you have to turn back and walk/run the same distance back home.

    So in other words you can do a set amount of running and then just step off and relax.

    Good trainers might help, like the nike shox (with the air cushion type springs in them) etc.

    Running is not a great idea as it places a lot of strain on the lower discs due to heavy impact when jogging. Swimming is great for fitness but takes a bit longer for results and it will have no effect on your back at all.

    Hiya, both my partner and myself run. Im back at running after a year off, other half runs alot and does the london marathons for charity.
    Firstly trainers can improve your impact on your body however they are not miracle shoes, if you suffer with back problems i really dont think running would be for you. The pounding on your feet shoots through your body and with the best bars in trainers it only minimises this.
    Personally if i were you Id do walking,its vey good for you, infact its proven as beneficial as running with far less damage! Get your self some comfortable trainers and go walking,pick lovely scenic routes and enjoy it. For consistant fitness with as low impact to your body Id go for walking.As far or a short as you can manage.Build it up slowly. I only run 3 miles every other day and i suffer with thigh and back ache, my OH does 10miles everyother and is in AGONY with his back when he gets back. Dont risk it.Good luck :-D

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    Thanks everyone. I know running isn't the best thing, but I like doing it! I do walk at least 3 miles a day with the dog (I live in the middle of Exmoor so plenty of nice routes). Appreciate all the advice.

    asics running trainers are good from

    If your struck on trying to run go to your local " run and become" shop where they will fit you with the correct running shoe to suit. My partner is Neutral runner where as i over pronounciate. So make sure you get fitted properly.

    Try to run on grass rather than the pavement etc. A good pair of running shoes are a must. If you can afford it then a good treadmill is the best option. As said earlier allows you to stop and rest if a problem comes up, rather than being stranded in the middle of nowhere!


    Try to run on grass rather than the pavement etc. A good pair of running … Try to run on grass rather than the pavement etc. A good pair of running shoes are a must.


    I suffered from shin splints till I got a decent pair of running shoes - go to a specialist shop and not your high street chav sports!

    Running off road helps a lot too, avoid pavements.

    I would suggest doing a trial membership at a decent gym and try out their treadmills (and other cardio machines) and get expert advice rather than relying on a bunch of forumites!
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