Any SATA to IDE convertors?...

    i got a new mobo. it has 3 sata ports and 1 ide port which supports 2 ATA applications. i have 2 ATA hard drives, 200gb and 80gb. now, fitting them in is no problem. but by doing this, my new dvd rewriter has to be sacrificed because this is also ATA. so is there some sort of convertor where i can put it on my spare SATA slot which can then provide an extra ATA/IDE slot?

    please i need help! i can't test out my new pc before i find one!:x


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    can someone please help me out?!

    SATA To IDE Convertor @ Maplins]http//ww…t15

    • Use your IDE HDD on a SATA motherboard - £22.99

    Just google or look on ebay and you find cheaper.


    About £5 delivered.

    EDIT: Turns out eBay links aren't allowed. You can work it out anyway.

    SATA/S/Serial-ATA to IDE/PATA Adapter


    Only £3.65 del.* :thumbsup:

    Hope this helps

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    thanks guys

    The one at Maplin is quite pricey lol. Try ebay, another alternative is to get a SATA/IDE to USB? Use it as an external harddrive
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