Any significance of £17.99 and pricing errors?!?!?

    I've been registered a few years now and just wondered why particularly and Amazon have a lot of pricing errors at £17.99?

    I do appeciate that there have been pricing errors from these two at other prices other than £17.99, but I've got a lot of stuff in the past at this price from both retailers.

    And before anyone asks, I haven't been drinking even though I should be at this time of the night.


    Play price a lot of their games at 17.99 correctly, it's not much surprise they also incorrectly sell items at this price as well.


    Whats mispriced?

    Is it has something to do with tax?
    Is it £18 and over tax is payable for goods from Jersey??

    Under £18 and the items can be sent VAT free - so you save 15% (yes 15%) - without the risk of HM Revenue & Customs stiffing you for the VAT.

    NOTE that things they sell for over £18 will already have the VAT included so you don't have to worry
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