any sites good for adding links to quickly grab by just going to website?

Posted 29th Nov
I own a domain name which is short, I would love to be able to redirect a website like pastebin, my purpose of the title is, I work in IT and i often have a link or something I want to push to a device, or a script, I want to be able to go to my sites which will redirect to the long site I am using and it shows all the text Inputting, something that would work on mobile would be a bonus, but not essential
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Where do you work?
Do you mean a link shortener?
Misly29/11/2019 19:18

Do you mean a link shortener?

Naa, pastebin does work actually
Gumbon29/11/2019 19:43


I wanted to give an answer based on your reply..

Anyway I think you want to send links/text from your computer/laptop to your mobile phone and vice versa..
if that is the case I suggest Pushbullet.
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