Any Software to Sort my AVI films & TV

    I am after a piece of software that does some/all this software and can be had free:

    Scan HDD for Movies
    Browse the Movies on the HDD
    View description of the films from IMDB
    Browse the movies by category
    Allow a film to exist in multiple categories e.g. fantasy, adventure

    Preferably doing this automatically based on IMDB data and possibly (though not at all needed) launch able from an external HDD

    I assume there is nothing to do all this but thought someone may know



    I have no idea but a quick google came up with this…el/

    There is a 14 day trial so you can test it out.





    I've had a good look for software like this and it is a mixture of doesn't exist and far too fiddly to be any good.
    The best alternative I've found is a fantastic piece of software called EMDB. you do need to type in the movie titles but it can then auto search imdb for all the details, including the genres and ratings. Can also link to the file so you can open it.
    Its what I use and I think its awesome!

    XBMC without a doubt


    I use XBMC for media player but Ember Media Manager for file info and images etc.

    Original Poster

    Dont really want XBMC as unless its changed need an xbox 1 and I dont want one of them, Want it on the laptop but thanks for the other 2 will look into them THANKS ALL
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    xbmc got mine installed on windows 7 on my computer so you don't need an xbox just download the software


    Yeah because we were all telling you to go out and buy an original … Yeah because we were all telling you to go out and buy an original xbox.It's been out on the PC for a few years now. And is the best media centre software out there.Here are a few pics of the default views:[url=][/url][url=][/url][url=][/url][url=][/url]

    Yeah, only loons have original xbox's....... X)

    Try VLC media player plays everything going


    Try VLC media player plays everything going

    It does play almost everything but it wont do any of the things in the op will it.

    Yes XBMC. brilliant piece of kit. gets you all the album artwork as well, and can browse your films by actor, genre, whatever you like.


    Original Poster

    Thanks all just noticed, I didnt notice the change in XBMC oki thanks,
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