Any spare Brita Fill & Go receipt lying around?

Found 22nd Mar
So I bought the product around November when I saw on HUKD the £5 offer in Morrison. There is now a fault in the product and I was requesting them to replace the lid as it has gotten mouldy. Unfortunately, because I'm an idiot, I did not keep the receipt nor did I register at the time of purchase. I know this is a long shot but wondering if anyone here don't mind sending a copy of their Brita purchase receipt. Thanks in advance!
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Can't you just wash it?
^^ what the other person said

Your (potential- I won’t say definite) inability to clean something doesn’t help the Mould
I would argue that it’s faulty - why make a product you regularly put in your mouth if it gets mouldy regardless of cleaning it? I’d contact Brita directly, but that’s just me
I have been washing it daily even before it got mouldy. I tried soaking the lid in pure bleach for more than a day but to no avail. I had a look online and I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. If it was that easy, I wouldn’t have bothered posting here. I had reached out to Brita who told me that without a receipt I will not get a replacement. (I told them I only needed the lid as it’s the only faulty piece.) Hence why I thought of posting to this place
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