Any sticker collectors on here?


    Just wondering if there are any other collectors other then me?

    Just about to start the SPL one (scottish premier league)

    Ive agreed to do it with my nephew, so if there are any other HUKDers collecting we could mybe trade doubles?

    Ive been a collector myself for years and have a fair bit if anyone want to share what they have


    scotland has a premier league........?:p

    lol, i know sweet fa about football and even i know that.

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    scotland has a premier league........?

    har har har

    the prem isnt even that good if your angling for a bite :thumbsup:

    la liga is best

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    none of you?

    o well:(

    bought the nephew a box of the spl 09 and he has won at least 4 SPL match balls! they are the smallest prizes

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    anyone started spl one yet?
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