any suggestion for strimmer line

Found 25th Apr
I have qualcast grass strimmer but the strimmer line is weak & keeps coming off.. can you suggest which strimmer line should I get so that it doesn’t break often:-(

Thankyou all
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any advice please?
Strimmer line is supposed to be weak, you want it to break when it hits an obstacle, not yank the strimmer.

When you say it's coming off what do you mean exactly and why do you suspect it's the line at fault?

I'm not an expert but when I've had line troubles with strimmers in the past it's usually either because there's something wrong with the strimmer (grass tangled around the shaft slowing down it's spin), trying to tackle tougher foliage than it's designed for, or simply a poorly wound reel after it's come off in the past.
The screw fix stuff is good. Dont go down the line of getting too thick line for your strimmer, thinner line cuts much better.
I'm using some warehouse deal vertex line on my petrol strimmer, its great for grass.
If I'm strimmimg weeds or concrete area I like to use the screw fix stuff as it's a but more longer lasting.
It usually breaks if your over revving it too on weeds etc. A nice slow speed is needed for edging or weeding paths etc.
If it's heavy weed clearing most gardeners use hedge cutter attachments or the special metal plate.
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