Any Teachers out there? Or can anyone with kids help?

    My daughter leaves Nursery in July, she has 4 teachers. All have been fantastic. I wanted to get them something nice as a present. Not the usual 'favourite teacher' teddy or wine.

    Has anyone got any ideas? All are female 3 in there 30's and another in her 50's
    On they have a large thorntons hamper boxed,gift wrapped for £30 thought about this but that would mean them sharing it.

    Would love to hear your suggestions.

    Teachers what do you like?


    chocolates are fab presents for teachers!

    Use all the deals from here to make up individual hampers?

    I bought our 3 fab teachers £10 M&S vouchers each.

    They did such a fab job with my son - I really appreciate the start in school they gave him.

    One of our teachers LOVES chocolate and wine - she says she appreciates them all. Another one likes cakes - so we bake him one now and again.

    your idea sounds great, would just have to give it them a few days before they break up for holidays so they get to share them (or make your own smaller baskets up) Have Sale On Have Look There???

    Chocolates, Flowers, Wine and Photoframes have been good presents in the past.
    Most gift sets bath smellies and any confectionary is a safe bet.

    why not have your child make something rather than buy something, its more personal and will mean a lot more

    I must admit I find it really shocking when you go into charity shops at certain times of the year and see tons of items with best teacher on etc, so anything other than cups, magnets and bears its seems would be a good choice.

    If noone comes up with anything you like,gotta say you can't go wrong with a gift voucher.

    A photo frame with a picture of your child in it would be great.... honestly, the best thing i've ever been given leaving a school was a professionally put together bound book of photos my y1/2 class took during a project, I still look at it now and again and because of this remember that class better than classes i've taught since.

    DONT go for the chocolates, i've not been in a staffroom where everyone's not on a diet for a looooong time. A fair few schools i've been in have even written up a weekly review of weight lost amongst the staff! Yeah, they're a nice treat but your child's teachers are sure to get a few boxes from others, so go for something different.

    Only other thing to add is that the best bit of the end of year pressies is receiving cards written by the pupils. It's a lovely touch and often brings a tear to the old eye

    Right, better go pack. I've got a Y1 class tomorrow in one of my favourite schools and it'll be my last day teaching for some time to come! Going to the USA on Saturday!

    Make your own cakes with your own cakes with your daughter, like butterfly cakes or something, and give them those instead, so much more personal than a random box of chocolates etc.

    I bought thorntons chockies for teachers and then a bike and some sporty stuff for the nursery and my son made them a card:thumbsup:

    Why not buy them all a voucher for a massage or to get nails done..something pampering..?

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    thankyou everyone for your replies, some great ideas, will rep as many as it lets me

    My kids decorated these DIY mugs with the Teachers names. Both teachers thought they were a great idea and the kids loved decorating them. The other thing I tend to do is gift something to the school, the last thing was a chocolate fountain (to help with fund raising)
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