Any tech boffins online? connecting a PC to a HDTV

    For the last 2 years ive had my 7 year old PC connected to my 26" TV
    I bought a new pc from ebuyer…iew
    I connected it to the tv and turned it on - the windows logo came up but then i saw nothing and the tv went onto standby because there was no signal. what to do?


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    does your tv have a vga input? i have mine connected via hdmi through my graphix card

    probably set to wrong resolution ,Are you connecting it to monitor and TV or just TV,

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    connected through VGA - just the tv

    Try changing the resolution I had this issue with my laptop.

    You normally need to go into display settings and set up multiple displays, what display adapter does your new pc have?

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    got it working - was down to the res - thanks guys
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