Any tech person to help please - Windows 10 E Mails not syncing - Desktop

Posted 16th Dec 2022
Hi, as per the title my E Mails on my desktop are not arriving in my inbox.
I can send E Mails though

I have had a look at the settings but I'm not technically minded at all,so any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated please.

Thank you
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    Anonymous User
    There are numerous possibilities and you say you are not technically minded, therefore you risk creating more problems by blindly following some of the gurus on here. My first suggestion would be to contact support at your mail provider.

    if you could detail your email provider and any software you use, such as outlook, and whether you use imap or pop or webmail etc, people can start to help

    You probably already know but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you divulge email address let alone passwords and settings on your account. (edited)
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    Thank you for replying

    It's Windows 10 Mail and I think pop
    All the settings seem fine and the E Mails were all coming into the inbox until yesterday
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    you used the term "syncing". With what? Has this always been the case or is it something new which has happened?
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    There's just a "button" that says "sync this view"
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    It sounds like you're saying the problem is that you're receiving e-mails fine and they're showing up on some of your devices but not your desktop computer?

    If that's the case then the issue is with the e-mail program you're using on the desktop. You haven't said what that is (Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Office Outlook, something else) or how it's behaving (error messages, not set up, says it's checking but doesn't find anything) so it's very hard to guess what might be wrong.
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    I can see E Mails on another device but not on my desktop which is what I prefer to use
    It's Windows Mail
    It seems to try and search and then says last updated 1 day ago
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    Do you access your emails online only through a website like Gmail or do they get downloaded into an application like Thunderbird or Outlook?
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    Google outlook reprofile assuming its outlook app rather then mail
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