any technically minded people here...ZIF cable help.

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Found 5th May 2008
I've been a bit silly and broken a Zero insertion ribbon cable on my laptop...i've never even heard of them before some googlin' today...does any body have any idea where I would go about buying a ZIF cable???


how u manage tht dunno what it is tho lol

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that's what I get for repairing my laptop lol, you fix one thing, another breaks...

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2 cables, one to the power button, one to the led display under the screen

contact the manufacturer they may help

What is the make and model of your laptop ?


What was the wire attached to? I've never heard of one.

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hp dv6500 series

the dandy p;2039212

hp dv6500 series

thanks. can you tell me what the model number is too.

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yep it's a dv6529ea....I can provide a picture of the cable too if you'd like.

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Is it one of these two ?…y=0

there are no pictures on there of the cables but you should have more of an idea than me.

Come to think of it, do the cables have part numbers on them ?

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looking now...

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Thanks for the effort, rep for you but, nopes theres no mention of the cable in any of the spare parts.

hey dude i have the same prblem with a dv6101ea. hp have advised me to get the whole top sections ordered as the leads aren't available on their own. :x

Is it zif fitting at both ends?, they usually aren't so a cable may not be much use,
normal procedure is soldered at one end zif at the other so that tee whole "part" may be removed from chassis
There are a few exceptions where the cable is secured in the center by routing ties,but not many
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