Any techy folks know what this is worth?

    I have just examined my wife's laptop and the diagnosis is it's broke!

    Seems as though some liquid has gotten into it, although no-one seems to know anything about this.
    I have now got the following bits which I think are sellable so what are they worth is my question as I know very little about laptop components.
    The laptop was 18 months old and was an aspire 3690

    512mb samsung ram (it says pc2 5300s on it)
    80gb hitachi hdd
    2000mah battery
    15.4" screen

    Any help is appreciated guys

    Oh and before anyone talks about insurance I have £100 excess and the lappy was only £200 new so not worth the hike I'd get next year for claiming


    To be honest. If you get more than £60 - £80 I'll be shocked.


    How much you want for the HDD

    Original Poster


    How much you want for the HDD

    Just after approximate values atm, I'd have to clean it off before I sell, when I do list it I'll give you the heads up:thumbsup:

    I would think the screen would be worth the most to be honest, no sure of a value though.
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