Any telescope users with tips for a newbie?

    I have a Skywatcher 1145p telescope that I bought second hand (£28


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    I have bought a collimator for mirror alignment and a lunar filter.
    I was going to start crater spotting on the moon and encourage the children to get involved. Anything else that is easy to view and would grab the kids attention would be handy? Is it possible to see the ISS at all?
    Any tips on navigating the night sky would be much appreciated too?

    Lower any expectations. Take it somewhere really dark. As it's a reflector, leave it to cool towards the ambient temperature for an hour if possible. Take it out first when there's a moon in view - always a sure bet. Look for the Orion Nebula which is an awesome sight and easily visible with small aperture telescopes. Pick a high magnitude globular cluster too. You'd be able to see the ISS since it's visible with the naked eye, but you won't have much fun keeping it in view at such a magnification.

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    Expectations are low anyways, live in outer London, light pollution everywhere. Will be traveling up to Lincolnshire next week, so will take it there.
    Do you rate any of the sky map apps on Google play store?

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    Also read to use a torch with red light?

    Look down the thin end,not the fat end
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    Get this book......

    Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope - and How to Find Them

    On Amazon its about £10 second hand, this is basic guide for beginners and you get a good feeling for what you can and cannot do.

    Hope you enjoy the scope.

    BTW no chance to see ISS with it!

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    haha I have that book on its way from amazon

    Have a look at Stargazers Lounge forum. Countless tips for all.

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