Any TIMES newspaper readers here?

    Evening all - hope I am not being cheeky here.

    Every day for 12 weeks, The Times newspaper are printing Books For Schools vouchers in their newspaper. Books can be purchased by the schools for as little as 10 tokens.

    I am collecting them for my daughter' school so just wondered if anyone could collect any spare ones and send them to me once the promotion has finished - it's for a good cause!

    Obviously, I am not asking for parents to donate their's to me when they could give them to their own children's school, I just thought that there might be some Times readers who don't have anyone to give the vouchers to.

    Please let me know if you would be willing to help

    Thank you very much


    I might be able to send a few your way

    Original Poster


    I might be able to send a few your way

    That would be excellent and much appreciated, thanks.

    I could send you a pound via Paypal to cover postage if you like when the promotion is finished :thumbsup:
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