Any tips for revision?

    Exams are fastly approaching (18th May first exam) and I need to start getting my head down over the next couple of weeks. I find it pretty much the hardest thing about University, the assignments I don't mind along with the seminar work, but there are too many distractions and noises putting me off when attempting to revise.

    Does anyone have any tips? I know each individual learns differently, but I'm definitely up for trying something new rather than just reading textbook after textbook. How many hours a day should I be doing in order to do enough, but not over do it? Are breaks a good idea? Or having a full day off advisable?

    My exams include:

    Quantitative Methods for BM (Stats)
    Introduction to Management
    Economics for Business and Marketing
    Intro to Acc and Finance
    Intro to Marketing

    Btw the Economics exam consists of writing 3 essays out of a possible 6. Does anyone know of any possible topics that could come up?

    Rep given to all helpers


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    look here: … look here: good luck!

    Thanks dude, will take a look.


    I'm the opposite, hate assignments can pass exams instantly, I got something like 81% in my english exam, but as all the rest of the teaching course is assignments I hate it!

    I used to keep notebooks for revision as I learnt that I had almost a photographic memory-by writing it down, I could later remember that I'd written it, and could remember where on the page the words had been and what they'd said.

    Research says that you have to write out your own notes, reading text books or lecture slides doesnt do a lot in comparison to writing those notes out. It may be a chore but it does help.

    Have a good early night before the exam, a good breakfast and chill out! you'll be fine!

    I always just revise/work until I literally can't hack it anymore. I don't agree with a 10min break every hour cos I feel that when i'm in 'the zone' I just work until I'm fed up!

    Best of luck love!


    oh, and as for what will come up, just think back to which topics your lecturers had really pushed you with, they generally set the papers themselves so give you a little nudge in the right direction. They wouldnt give you something you hadnt covered as theyd have to face the sh*t if you came back to the uni claiming you'd never heard of 'inter relationship marketing!;' or whatever,

    They don't want you to fail, the better you do, the better they'll look so cover everything, but keep clear ideas of which topic theyve taught the most.

    i used to find writing endless notes and doodles during lectures helped then when it came to answering the questions in test i could picture my doodles and the answers!

    i would norm just study till im sick then have a break but then once i had a break i wouldnt feel like studying again.

    a good idea is to set yourself "something to aim for" example for after your exams book a holiday - made me work harder and gave me something exciting to look forward to

    goodluck x

    i have to write out my notes a few times before exams. I also find one of the most helpful things to do is past papers, our uni puts them on the intranet, so you should be able to get hold of them. Also, some past exam questions come up again, so its worthwhile doing them incase one comes up, and youll be laughing.



    a good idea is to set yourself "something to aim for" example for after … a good idea is to set yourself "something to aim for" example for after your exams book a holiday - made me work harder and gave me something exciting to look forward togoodluck x

    Kinda relates to this..but doesnt also. Set yourself a 'to do' list each day. Once you've hit those targets its up to you whether you continue or not, but at least you see a progression of 'done that..done that..' etc and know you've had a successful afternoon.

    Oh and get someone to block HUKD with parental controls cos you will find yourself on here or fbook.

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    Thanks for the responses so far. Will formulate a revision timetable and print off some past exam papers to have a go at. Rep all round.

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    Bumpage on any other ideas!
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