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Any tips for upgrading an O2 contract?

Posted 18th Jan 2007
Hey folks, not strictly a deal request but I think it fits in here.

Basically my O2 online contract has reached 12 months today, it was a basic peak tariff which I'd like to switch to an off peak 1000 tariff...O2 are usually fine for upgrades as they've normally offered me better deals than on the website but not this time. The N73 is free on this tariff online, they were wanting 150 quid for it if I upgraded which I immediately declined pointing out how much cheaper it was for a new tariff. Eventually they took it down to 60 pounds however I said to them I didn't see why I should have to pay a 60 pound penalty for upgrading. After being transferred numerous times, they said they couldn't do any better than 60 pounds so I have my 30 days notice and that was it.

Should I be able to get the same deal as for new customers or is that just not the way O2 work any more? If so I'll just order up a new contract but it seems daft given an upgrade would be cheaper for O2 as well as they just have to send a phone out.

Thanks for any advice,
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Only tip I can give is dont upgrade with them, shocking or at least o2 online are.

If you want good deal best way is to go through retentions.
I got discount 500 tariff (500 mins 500 texts) 12 month contract for £20 (normal price £35)

Only tip I can give is dont upgrade with them, shocking or at least o2 … Only tip I can give is dont upgrade with them, shocking or at least o2 online are.If you want good deal best way is to go through retentions.I got discount 500 tariff (500 mins 500 texts) 12 month contract for £20 (normal price £35)

Can you provide us any more details col?As I'm up for renewal with 02 too and I want a better deal than I'm getting now without changing my phone number. Any ideas?
Phone the "I want to quit O2" phoneline, not the "upgrades" phoneline. Just say that you're not getting the upgrade you want and you're thinking of leaving O2.

If "upgrades" don't give you the deal you want, ask them for the number to phone to cancel your contract. They will give it to you (they have even told me in the past that the "quit" line can give you a better offer).
I did go through their quitting department but seemed to make no difference, they don't seem to want to keep me. I've noticed Quidco offer 35 quid on new contracts, although I doubt I'll get the money from Quidco (after buying most of my Christmas shopping through Quidco, only one item tracked and it's gone no further) at least it's worth trying.

First thing i would reccomend is do your research from other companies so you know what competitors are offering and ask them the deals on offer if you transfer to them, this gives you a back bone when you talk to your network as you can compare and contrast. Tell them you prefer another companies deal and want to cancell your contract. When you get to the upgrade department make sure you go higher ie a manager/supervisor of upgrade department as they can pull all the strings. I did this and for £20 a month i get 750 minutes any1 anytime, 750 txts a month some free internet time and rolover minutes for 1 month...! Good luck
I was with O2 and decided to cancel my contract and go with Vodafone. I wanted to keep my existing number so phoned O2, told them I wanted to cancel and asked for the PAC number (to transfer number to another provider). When you ask for the PAC number they know you are serious about cancelling and I got put straight through to retentions. They asked why I was leaving and I said I was getting a better deal with Vodafone. The reduced my £35 per month tariff to £10 per month (500 free texts, 250 free mins). I couldnt beat what they were offering so signed up for another 12 months - Great deal and my phone bills are brilliant now.
are you getting new handsets along with the better tariffs? i'm on a crap tariff with the carphone warehouse and contract is up now but i want an e900 as well.
Phone retentions & ask for your PAC code & say your moving over to Orange.

They will offer you 500 mins & 500 texts with a phone of your choice (you may need to pay for the phone, they work it out by looking to see how much you have spent over your contract length - most of the time it is FOC). They will give you this for either £20 per month, or £25 per month with a £60 credit on your 1st bill.

Tell them you are a heavy text user (hence the reason you are moving networks ) - and that you want at least 900 texts. They will go away to "speak with a manager" - but will come back & give you the extra 400 sms bolt on for free.

So you will get 500 mins & 900 text for £20 per month on a 12 month contract.

If you are looking to buy a new O2 phone or want to upgrade, your best waiting til April 1st when the new tariffs come out.........
buy one from e2save , on any network but o2,

get ur pac from o2, buy a new virgin/orange/3/vodafone etc etc

u get huge line rental discounts and a new handset.

i think this is the best idea...
ASk for your PAC code and tell them that vodaphone are giving any handset for free on any tarrif, which they were last week. Tell them what you want or your switching to vodaphone and taking your number acroos.
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