Any tips on how to clean stainless steel cooker hob?

Posted 20th Aug 2016
I have a hotpoint stainless steel cooker, in fact most of my kitchen in stainless steel which seemed a good idea at time........reality is it is a nightmare to keep clean! I cook a lot and it takes a lot of abuse, I am struggling to clean it at the moment, a lot of burned on marks that just won't shift, any suggestions on any products to use?
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I always thought you treat it like glass, remove the dirt and dust with soap and soft cloth then wipe over with a mix of water and white vinegar.
Best stuff I use is oven pride about £3 but does full oven and hob comes up like new get mine from home bargains but also do in big supermarkets
If it's for fridges and freezers etc use a little baby oil on cloth. Not on cooker through.
I always thought they were for show only,well done for giving it some abuse
Saying that,think mine might be be stainless ?? under all the crud X)
Try Elbow Grease - All Purpose Degreaser, you can get in the Poundshop. Its a great product check out the reviews on Amazon. I started using it after a recommendation from a friend who owns snack vans and claims it is the best product out there.
I find the flash concentrated all purpose cleaner works really well on my hob and comes in lots of lovely scents.
Try vim with a scourer. Works for me.

Also try mister muscle oven cleaner, also good but smell really strong.
Coat in baby oil when clean.
Make a mixture with washing up liquid & some sugar. Works wonders.
Believe it or not WD44 with kitchen roll,
Like someone on here already said try Elbow Grease.... I use it for cleaning everywhere. After you've got the cooker clean put baby oil on a piece of kitchen roll and wipe over the top of the stainless steel part of the cooker. I've done this on my 10 year old cooker once a week since I got the cooker and it still looks like new ( on the outside anyway)
WD40 &/or Pure Ethanol work fabulously Put a soaking wet sponge on any dried stuff & leave until soaked through & then simply wipe off then use either or both products to bring to a shine. Never use vim or a scourer unless you don't care about scratches.
Hi folks, just to say thank you to all for replying, really grateful for all the replies, Ally
You could use these once you get it clean.…SEQ
Derek....i actually just seen those two minutes ago!!! Used the Elbow Grease cleaner and for £1 it's working very well.
Dishwasher rinse aid.
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