Any tips on stretching a pair of shoes?

    As title says but they are high heeled sandles thought you brainy peeps might have some cunning ideas on stretching them wider till I'm drunk enough not to feel the pain any more

    Thanks in advance and also Mwah xx


    have heard that stuffing them tightly with wet newspaper and letting dry naturally is supposed to help..........cant say Ive tried it though.

    just found this tip

    Put a sealed bag of water in both of your shoes. Put your shoes in the freezer and let them sit overnight. The water in the bag will turn to ice and expand, therefore explanding your shoes!

    damp news paper!![/COLOR]


    try rubbing a bar of soap it softens the leather so my mum tells me
    old wifes tale but it works

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    Ahh dont have any newspaper

    Ice thing an idea but worried about ruining shoes?

    You can get Kiwi Shoe Stretch from any good shoe shop or try rubbing alcohol…631

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    Afew tips here … Afew tips here some a little strange!

    Thanks may try the heating up and thick socks Rep given x

    if they are leather wear 'em in the bath then walk around the house in 'em when wet. Its how my dad used to break in his police boots


    if they are leather wear 'em in the bath


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    That would be really kinky as they are sparkly black high heeled sandals...!!

    What about putting them in a vice???

    roll average pieces of paper tightley and keep forcing them into your shoe with blunt object until as tight as poss then leave a couple of days,this could mean stayng in if no more shoes to wear

    i heard vaceline is good to strecth leather?! Never tried it though!
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