Any TV experts on here that can help please?

Found 2nd Oct 2013
Hi I have a Toshiba Regza TV with twin tuners. Today when I switched the TV on DTV appeared in the corner as normal but then went to a black screen. If I press the EPG guide it appears briefly but does not show any programmes. If I switch the TV over to HDMI it works through the DVD player.

Does this sound as if one of the tuners has gone kaput? If so, does anyone have any idea whether it is worth getting it repaired or whether it would be better to put the money towards a new TV.

I tried turning the TV off for 10 minutes and then turning it on again, but it made no difference.

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Have you tried doing a retune?
Hi I can't get into the menu to try a retune. When I press the TV set up menu it appears on the screen for about one second and then the screen goes black again.

When I switch the source from DTV to HDMI - I have to be really quick as there is only just have enough time to get to HDMI before the screen goes black again.

Do you have any other ideas please as to how I can do the retune?

Many thanks
Try switching it over to analogue, then switching it back to dtv , also make sure that your aerial is connected and any amps plugged in. Then do a full retune.
There's a button on the side of the tv which toggles through the various sources in turn, try using that to switch to hdmi etc
I know these are all 'obvious' things so I don't want you to think I'm being condecending at all:

1) Are you SURE you are on 'digital' and haven't accidentally gone to 'analog' stations? That would certainly explain the empty EPG. On a lot of TV's remotes, pressing the 'TV' button switches between analog and digital.

2) Not being familiar with Toshiba models, does it stay in AV mode after you have used a peripheral device such as DVD etc. and you have to reselect 'TV' to view television programmes again? Some TV models remember what mode they were in before being switched off and if you were in an AV channel, it might be stuck in that mode until you select TV again?

3) I know this is the really obvious one but have you checked the aerial lead/socket? Make sure it's connected properly at both ends. Also, if you are passing through another device (as most do) then try unplugging the aerial from the external device (such as DVD player) and connect directly into the TV. Just in case...

4) I remember many, many moons ago doing a TV install at a customer's house and I just couldn't get the TV to work. It turned out after much cursing under my breath and process eliminations that a small cable called a 'loopback' cable was at fault. This was also a twin tuner model and it had a cable that bypassed the analog tuner if you only wanted digital. This was in the days before analog had been turned off. Anyway, to cut a boring story short - the TV would not operate in digital mode UNLESS this cable was fitted. So, what I'm saying is take a look at the back of your TV and if there's a cable (no more than say 6-8" long) coming out of one socket and going into another then you might have a bypass (or loopback) cable that's gone duff.

5) This one is probably not worth mentioning but - have you checked your external aerial and wire/cable going into your property? You never know. Could be a break in the line somewhere. They don't last forever. Especially if you've had any bad weather/wind lately?

If I think of anything else, I'll drop another post. Good luck OP.

Best regards, Phsy.
Hi Wolf359 - I assume that ATV on the menu is Analogue TV - if that is the case it is not available to select (it is greyed out). I am afraid I am must be a stereotypical female - I had never even noticed the buttons on the side of the TV I had only ever used the remote, but that helps to get to the HDMI position on the menu before it times out - cheers.
Hi Phsycronix - I have just brought my laptop to the computer so that I can try out some of your suggestions.

1. I don't think I can get to analogue stations (please see post above) or am I am the wrong tack. There is an ATV but I cannot select it

2. When the TV is first turned on it always starts in DTV mode. DTV is appearing in the corner and then it the DTV disappears and the screen is black.

If I try the 1, 2, 3 or HDMI1 and HDMI2 the screen is blue - but on HDMI if I use the DVD remote I can select TV channels

3. I have to be honest I can't move the TV and stand (had spinal surgery earlier this year) but I will get my husband to check this when he comes home from work.

4. I have tried looking behind and cannot see any loop cable but again I will ask him to check that

5. Out other TV is working fine so I guess the external aerial should be fine.

Would you please pop back later if you have any other suggestions. My husband should be home about 3.30 and I will show him your post and ask him to check what I haven't been able to. Many thanks appreciate the help
Hi Obidashi - Yes, under no circumstances try to injure yourself. You don't wanna do that! As to your issue, I don't like the sound of the ATV being 'greyed' out. I'm not 100% familiar with Tosh-telly's setup but; unless it's intelligent enough to know; I would've expected it to still be 'selectable' even though there's no analogue signal anymore. Oh well...

If your other TV is working fine, may I suggest this? When your hubby gets home, try unplugging the aerial lead from the back of the Toshiba telly with the problem. Then, if you can move the working TV close enough, try plugging the aerial lead into it. If you get a signal/picture then you can rule out the aerial lead as a problem. It will most definitely be the Toshiba TV that's at fault. Now, whether it's an actual 'fault' or just a setting malfunction is another matter. At least you will be a step closer to solving your dilemma.

The other thing that concerns me is why your on-screen menu is only present for a very short time. Most TV menu's DO time-out after a while but not almost immediately. Especially 'settings' menu's - they should stay on-screen for quite a while. If you can, could you say the EXACT model of TV that you have? Most modern TV's have an option to do a 'factory' reset - I.e. restore the TV to it's original settings as if you had only just purchased it and were plugging it in for the first time. It may be worth doing this as it will 'refresh' the TV's settings again. It's more of a last resort however. If you still have the instruction manual for the TV, I'd dig it out!

Regards, Phsy.
Just one other thing: If you're running two TV's off of one TV aerial on your roof then the cable must be 'split' somewhere to provide the signal to both sets. Now, the split could just be a 'Y' connector or it could be some sort of amplifier or other box junction. Your problem might be here. If the socket that sends the signal to your Tosh-telly has gone duff (but not to your working TV) then this would produce the result you are seeing. This is why you need to 'test' the aerial lead that goes to your Tosh-telly in the other 'working' TV. Ok?
Hi Phsy - The model of the TV is Toshiba Regza 32C3031DB - I have just checked my other Toshiba TV which is a newer model and the ATV is still accessible on that, so it sounds as if the older model would "not be intelligent enough" to know that Analogue had been switched off.

I will ask my husband to try swapping the TV's about to check the aerial - I will now go and look for the instruction manual to see about the factory reset option in case it is needed.

Once again thanks - I will come back to the thread once he has had chance to check out the advice you have already offered.

OK I vaguely remember that there is something in out loft - not sure if it s a splitter or signal booster - but I definitely remember something, so I will get him to check that out. It's his birthday today so he's going be dead chuffed at me wanting him to shift TV's and route round in the loft LOL!

I really do appreciate your input. Thanks
You never know, he might find something valuable up there! There's cash in the attic - LOL.

I don't know if this is of any help at all but I just looked to see if there was an online manual available. I like to keep a PDF version on my computer in case the paper one(s) go AWOL!

This link is to the Regza C & X 3030 range of TV's in Toshiba's archive. It may be the same as yours or at least have some similarities. It does describe how to do a factory reset but as I said, that really is a last resort as it might be something other than a 'tuning' problem. Might be worth a download just to keep on your hard-drive for posterity! Hehe.
you can only switch between atv and dtv with the remote, the button is labelled atv/dtv it toggles between the two modes
Hi Phsy - My husband has tried the newer tv with the old TV's aerial and it worked fine.

He checked and confirmed that they TV did not have the loop back cable

He went into the loft (unfortunately didn't find any cash) and there is a signal booster with different aerial sockets and he swapped them over and tried it but same result.

He unplugged the aerial from the DVD recorder and connected directly into the TV - but again same result.

I found our instruction manual but it did not have a factory reset procedure in it. I have tried the link you gave above but it does not appear to be working for me, but many thanks for trying.

Just phoned Toshiba to see how to do a factory reset and the guy there said our problem was a "known issue" and that there is a simple fix. He is going to post out a software update which apparently we just slot into the TV and follow some instructions. (We didn't even know there was a "slot" for it LOL!) The guy said that once the software update has been run, we then have to post him back the common interface card. He assures us that this will fix the problem.

We asked him why this would have suddenly just become a problem to us today and he said that Freeview have done some update routines which are affecting some older TV's which need the new software update to be able to continue to work with Freeview.

He said that he will order the software update today and we should receive it next week - I will pop back to this thread to let you know the outcome.

Once again many thanks for all your help - I really do appreciate it.

PS I would be interested to know the factory reset routine (in case we ever need it) , so if you have any idea why I cannot get to the link you provided above, would be interested to hear more.

Once again many thanks

Hi Wolf

you can only switch between atv and dtv with the remote, the button is labelled atv/dtv it toggles between the two modes
Looking at the instruction manual I found out that on the remote we have a button called DVD RTN which the manual says switches between ATV and DTV - but it didn't switch over to ATV when we tried it.

However, please see post above, as it would appear to be a problem that Toshiba are aware of and are sending out a software update which will hopefully fix it.

Thanks for your help
strange, on mine the dvd rtn takes you to the last channel you were watching lol, but my tv is from a different family of sets.
but glad you'll be sorted by the module
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I really appreciated you trying to help. Hope they are right and that it fixes the problem. thanks once again
I'm pleased to hear that you may be getting sorted out. I did look on a well known AV forum and your problem did get a mention. It also suggested it was a software problem but I didn't want to worry you with that at such an early juncture. It seems that; due to the Tosh telly's "Auto update" feature, it corrupts the Freeview part of the software. Great eh? It's nice that they recognise and sort out their customers so quickly however.

The 'card' is akin to plugging in a USB drive on your PC. It will have update(s) to fix the problem. Just follow the instructions very carefully (to the letter) and all should be well in Toshi-land again!

Happy Birthday to your Husband, by the way. It's a pity he didn't find any cash up there. Would've made his day!

All the best, Phsy.
Hi Phsy - thank you. Hubby is now enjoying some wine, so I guess I'm doing the driving tonight

When the card arrives, hopefully all will be well again. As mentioned, I will pop back on here and put an update. You never know someone else may have the same problem.

Our other TV is a Toshiba and it hasn't affected that - so perhaps the newer TV's have been changed in some way to prevent the "corruption". I'll be sure to let you know how we get on.

Hubby just said "cheers" for the birthday wishes. Thanks again
Hi - The update card from Toshiba arrived today with full printed instructions - it only took a couple of minutes and the TV is now working fine again. They even provided a prepaid envelope to return the card to them. Very good service from Toshiba - they are to be commended. Thanks to everyone for their help and assistance on this thread. xx
Sorry to revive an old thread, but my Toshiba Regza 37A3030DB yesterday developed this exact problem, literally word for word. It's too late in the day to phone the helpdesk at Toshiba, but I'll get on to them first thing tomorrow.
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