Posted 9th Jan 2023 (Posted 21 h, 22 m ago)
So basically, I was gifted a 25 dollar giftcard from Amazon. Unfortunately, they mistakenly used .com and not It seems I cannot use this on the UK site, and they can't transfer it over. I can't even use it to buy a Netflix voucher cause I can't watch that in the UK either. I could obviously buy something from America but for that amount the postage will be as much as the item is worth. Is there anything else I could do with it? Any suggestions?
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    I could give it to my American friend if you don't want it or isn't of any use to you
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    Thanks for replies guys, I just ended up buying an online friend in America something. Shame you cant transfer things over really (even between two UK accounts, or won't let you buy a giftcard with another one). (edited)
    You can't transfer because converting a currency requires a license from the bank regulator and is subject to significant regulation that no retailer wants.
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    Buy me some xbox gift cards
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    Might work If you change the location to USA in the app and then make sure you keep your address, there was a message at the top saying only ship to your UK address. Then type in the search "items under $25" a couple of things I clicked on showed free postage others showed delivery and fees 😁. Other than that if its a code would cardyard accept it? (edited)
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    I could swap it for a 12 months Nintendo Switch Online code if that’s any good to you?
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    It wouldn't cost too much for postage, it all depends on if u would want anything from Amazon US.
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