Any user had a tympanomastoidectomy with or without a cholesteatoma removal ?

Posted 23rd Jul 2021
hi, just wondering if anyone on here has had the above procedure and can just give me some reassurance, the consultants are very vague with info and answers to questions.
just wondered what recovery was like as surgeon just said as far as operations of the ear are concerned its a very big operation but i could be back at work in 2-3 weeks.
as its quite a rare condition cant find too much online from people who have actually had the procedure apart from vlogs on youtube of people saying recovery is hell and the worst thing they've ever been through and in pain for months not weeks with dizzyness and nausea etc.. and others where the surgeon has hit the facial nerve etc and left their face paralyzed.
hoped to find some positive experiences and wondered if the ears physical appearance changes much from the outside ?
thanks for any info, mark
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