Any Virgin deals in Jan 17

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Found 17th Dec 2016

I was on a fantastic big kahuna package with Virgin in 2015. The contract was 12 months at £36 (supposed to be 18 month contract). Sadly had to leave after 12 months and have been with BT infinity. My contract ends on 31/12/16 and am looking at going back to Virgin. Need reliable fast internet and BT sports. There are 3 teenagers in the house so they snaffle things up at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I guess the quesiton is what would be a good deal? The best i could probably suggest is to keep an eye on Quidco, set up a watch maybe - the equivilant of Big Kahuna now i think is Full House, currently £110 cashback on that but has been up around £200.

They have their new v6 TiVo box launching in Jan (unless you are with them already in which case December) so you would probably want that (even if no 4K TV).

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Thanks for the tip. I paid £38/ month and am currently paying £36 with BT but the internet connectivity is shocking. Sometimes fine and other times buffering to watch iPlayer!
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