Any Warcraft 3 Experts?


    ^ You see that link? Good. It takes you to a custom campaign download page.

    My problem is this - I can't beat the 5th mission (Chaos at the Gates) without giving up on the optional quest, it's very hard, like the rest of the campaign. Would a better Warcraft player than me mind downloading this, beating the 5th mission (doing the optional quest) and report back with how you managed it?

    The object of the mission is as follows: You must defend a castle and 1 of the 4 towns surrounding it for 40 minutes. You cannot rebuild the buildings you start with if destroyed and you can only build units after you kill orcs. I probably could just defend the castle and leave 3 of the 4 towns to be raped, but it's bugging me that I can't save all 4 towns... >_
    Help? This is annoying the hell out of me. The only thing I haven't tried is playing it on easy.

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