Any way to 'freecycle' on HUKD?

    We have a 3 year old Bosch tumble drier that packed up last week because the belt has gone.
    This is a pretty cheap repair for someone if they can do it themselves, but was going to cost us about £100 to get it done by someone else.
    We decided to put that money towards a condensing tumble drier instead but now have a spare tumble drier that isn't working but seems too good to just take to the tip, and could be useful to someone.
    Do we have listings in the FS section here but for free? I have never used it before. I have looked but didn't see any freebies.

    Thanks for any help.


    i think maybe you can put it in misc?

    Yep, if you go to the FO.LK site which is the HUKD selling forum which is basically the FS/FT forum I have no idea why there are two but listings appear on both. Anyhoo, use your HUKD details to log into FO.LK and you can choose to set up a listing as Free, I have done it in the past, easy peasy

    post it in your local gumtree free ads. they have a freebie section :o)

    Original Poster

    Well, if anyone in misc happened to be looking for freebie items they are more than welcome to it.
    I'll pop into FO.LK now and see about listing it there.

    Thank you for your help.

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