Any way to run a Wii through an HDMI cable?

    As above.

    My Sony reciever has 4 HDMI inputs going to 1 output, so the PS3, Xbox360 and BluRay player currently all go through it meaning I can leave the TV on the same channel for all of them.

    But annoyingly the Wii goes straight into the TV so I have to change channels to a different AV channel whenever I switch between that and anything else, which OK is just a minor annoyance but anyone who has a Samsung LCD know that you can't just go to a particular AV channel you have to scroll through all of them until you get to the one you want.

    So looking for anyway I can use HDMI on the Wii?


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    Thanks, I was afraid it would be something like that, can't really justify £40 because changing channels annoys me lol .
    Was hoping there would be some cheap convertor cable at poundlound or somewhere!

    use a full RGB scart to TV then when turning on wii it will auto goto av channel

    As the wii can only goto 420p I use these below and connected from my wii straight into the amp…-10


    I have a Samsung TV and can switch to the individual channel, I use a Logitech Harmony remote though.

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    I can connect direct to the amp using the original cable but as far as I can tell it has to be HDMI input for it to go out through the amps HDMI output (although I could be wrong, will check it out when I get home).

    Perhaps it's just the model of Samsung I have because for me to get through the av channels I have to press the Source button on the original remote (I use a One For All remote but still can only do what the original can do) and I even emailed Samsung about it and they said that was correct you had to press Source to scroll through all the av channels (as opposed to tv channels I mean).
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