Any ways of getting deals from Three

    I think I need to get a Three contract sim due to their new overseas usage plan. However, I have never get a mobile contract without some sort of deal and don't want to start now. Any ideas as to how to pay less than on the website, for instance, if you take out a rolling 1 month contract and cancel, are they likely to reduce the amount you pay?



    3 are greedy

    As a new customer you're not likely to get anything more than the listed deals, you've no leverage.

    Taking out a 1 month rolling contract might get you somewhere, but until you've had the contract running for 6 months you won't generate any discount.

    I had been with them for 10 years tried to renew with a deal two weeks ago, they were not interested so now with o2 who welcomed me with a fair deal on an iphone. Loyalty counts for noting these days.

    Have a chat in store. I had my iPad mini with a 3 sim in and said 'look I'm a paying customer' and the guy looked at doing me a discount. I think also there was scope because it was end of the month and they had sales targets to reach. Why do you need the overseas plan: is it for data?? If so, consider buying the 3GB preloaded SIM cards that last 30days from amazon ( think about £10) and use them abroad. If you want local calls you could then use the internet and VOIP to make them. or a PAYG sim to receive calls and a data sim to call maybe?

    They weren't interested in my repeat business until I got a PAC code from them and told them I wanted to cancel. Then they suddenly offered me a good deal.

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    I have a few of those cards from the days when you got more Quidco than they actually cost but I am due a new contract and I would like a sim I could use in my phone and in my fonepad. I can afford the £15 but as with all HKUDers it's the principal isn't it (_;)
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