Any Webpage Designers on here ? (Looking for Advice)


    Im looking at getting a local company onsite to create a 3 page web site, hosting and creating a customer booking database which can be assessed remotley for a friend of mine's business. (small business)

    I have called a few local companies for quotes, but all of them request to attend onsite for a consultation to discuss prices etc... None are able to give any ball park figures.

    Does anyone have any ideas on ball park figures this type of work ?

    For someone who knows what there doing I dont think it should take that long?

    How much would you expect to pay for annual hosting ?
    How much would you expect to pay for some Tech Support and response time?

    If you have any other questions I should be asking, please advise.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Any ideas on the above ^^


    Like you say the companies will want to spec it out to see how much work is involved. Take it from me, im a web designer!

    If the site is graphics and coding the this will cost more if the company also must design the logos etc.

    As for the database it depends if it needs a front end and a back end to it e.g. customer end and the company admin end.

    Annual Hosting you are probably looking in the range of £60 per year depending on your traffic as this is an approx cost for shared hosing.

    Ok, there may be another way around it. It does not have to be exact, but what sort of thing is the small business selling/doing?

    As MDS says, they do like to come to you because if there is nothing but an idea, there is hours of graphical design to do as well as the website itself (not everyone knows this) - But I do agree some of them just want to come and meet to see how much money you have so they can take you for everything you own lol.

    As above it all depends on how much work is needed e.g. logo, design and whether the system is off the shelf or custom made.

    How will your friend check the bookings? Sent via email or stored in the db and accessed via a control panel?

    If the latter I would expect in the region of £900+ depending on the exact features. That is a totally rough estimate, but it depends if the developers are freelancers or agencies, and the coding language you want.

    I would get 2 / 3 people to quote for it, giving them an exact brief down to every detail, don't go on price but look at previous work. Buy cheap, buy twice.


    You should visit the UK business forum which has an e-commerce section....your bond to learn something use full from a visit there and plenty of web disgners lurking.

    Might be worth asking IT students to have a stab at it.
    they charge much less and will be greatful for the experience.
    (mate just designed a website for local company charging just 150 quid)
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