Any word on a supermarket price war with fifa world cup?

    Very much hoping that like with fifa 10 this comes off,

    anyone heard anything?

    EDIT: Poster at Morrisons says it will be 29.99 on Friday


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    Bump, anyone?

    you played the demo yet? Feels great to play and shooting has improved a lot.

    Will be buying if its a good price

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    I've heard it'll be 29.99 at Morrisons, will probably end up at Tesco friday morning and will be hoping they at least price match!

    I've got 9 Ultimate Team trophies left to win in FIFA 10 as well as loads of games to catch up on before I look to this. Hopefully by the time the world cup is actually about a week away, the price will be around £20-£25 anyway...
    Definitely looking to pick it up at some stage though...

    29.99 hmmmm do i buy,...

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    any updates?

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    will bump again as the release is getting close, only 2 days away!

    Played it last night, it's not bad. Some of the players resemblence is crap, but that's always the way.
    Will be a good time filler in between games when the WC starts in June.

    Any news on pricing that people have seen?
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