Any XBMC users on?

    Hi all,
    I am wanting to put some films on to my 120GB Hard drive on my old xbox for my parents.
    What is the quickest and easiest way to do this please?
    Is it burning the disks and then copying to the HD? Thanks


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    And if so, what is the smallest or best format to use> TY

    ftp it to the xbox, xvid or divx is the format of choice

    A few people recommended FlashFXP to me to use - it's free to download and looks the business.

    Previously I had been FTP'ing in via internet explorer with the xbox connected to the router.

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    I haven't had it connected for forever...What is the settings again for ftp'ing? Do I just connect it to my router and use FlashFXP? Will that sort it all out? Thanks

    always used a dvdrw,you only need the one

    When I first got XBMC this is what I used -…609

    It was very simple to transfer over movie files

    as said use ftp ...... you will need to check your ip address & enable ftping in the systems menu (on the mod)

    then open an ftp program like flashxp & find the (i think) c file & tranfer files to the xmbc file & it should show up in the xmbc

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    Thanks all, going to give it a bash... :thumbsup:

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    I couldn't connect, 2 different messages I'll check in here tomorrow, maybe someone can help, thanks.

    Can you ping/see the XBOX?

    Most softmods seem to set the FTP username and password as XBOX. Have you entered these?

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    Hi bargain, it looks like I have it :-D I rebooted my puter, and tried again. I then got the "would you like to keep blocking, unblock" windows message, so I clicked on "unblock", and it came on to my xbox drives, as I had already put in the ftp address 192 ......... in the address bar.
    I have transferred a couple of files in to the "video" folder, and they are going in ok, so I'm just going to try them, thanks

    Well done, Enjoy!
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