Any XBOX people out there?

Posted 1st Dec
Ok long post.
Got a new Xbox one, haven't done games etc since 360 launch (05?).
Set it all up using my old account got gamepass etc as well. However one thing is bugging me!
When I press the xbox icon or when it boots up I get a notification that I have a new message. Goto messages and says new message from Xbox live. Shows a 1 (as in one unread) go into the messages from Xbox and it's empty? All I get is a help icon which gives the normal faq.
Nothing in chats etc either. Driving me mad now as can't figure it out. Tried cold boot, reset (format) etc. Wondering if you can view messages online instead to try and clear the dam thing lol
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Interesting one. Could try downloading the Xbox app onto a smartphone if you have one. Log into your account and see if you have any messages there.
You could try the Xbox app. Haven’t come across this issue myself though.
Thank you will try that got the gamepass app so send games to it via that but will try.
to the first two guys..... worked via the app. it was a message from 2006! system message about points changing but wouldnt show on xbox for some reason. thank you youve saved my sanity
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