Any Xiaomi experts out there??

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Any Xiaomi experts out there??
Just wanting some advice from more knowledgeable users of Xiaomi equipment.
Presently i only have a couple of Echo dots plus Hue hub and 5 or so hue bulbs and one light strip,oh and a couple of smart plugs
I want to get more involved with the Xiaomi equipment.
I like the idea of the Window door sensors,The Fire/smoke alarm detector...the gateway of course along with smart switches.
I`m just trying to get an idea of how easy it`ll be to set up and what other folk have.
Do you only need one smart switch and can you hook up any Xiaomi cams to these for example?
Can it be used with Alexa?
Is it worth buying the Echo plus as that has Zigbee built in?
Thanks if anyone can spare a few minutes to share some info...i appreciate it.
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Subbed as I'm trying to get into home automation via xiaomi. Lots of knowledgeable people here so hoping they will contribute.

I've ordered a hub and 2 door sensors and 1 motion sensor. Also looking to get a camera.

Like you, want to see how people have it set up etc.
Yeah, no problems.
It'll help us clueless newbies
1616french1 h, 8 m ago

Yeah, no problems.It'll help us clueless newbies

Check out the YouTube channel xiaomify

In English and some very good videos.
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