Any yogurt makers here

Found 19th Jun
on my second machine as I didn't like the 7 cup design many things didn't make sense for me,

no using one with strainer although after using strainer to make Greek yoghurt it be my last 1 litre milk makes only 500g after 6 hours straining and then costs pretty close to supermarket price of Greek yogurt and no hassle

now just using semi or whole uht milk and then 2-3 spoons of milk powder (skimmed all I could find) and consistently okay

looking for some tips, maybe things to add for flavour which could improve consistently and should I add flavour when I put in fridge or hours later?

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I did for a while. Never worth the hassle although if you enjoy making it that's a plus. Used to use slow cooker.
I dont make yogurt anymore, but when i used to i just used hot water from kettle slightly cooled, add some milk powder in stir and add a spoon of shop bought yogurt. Then just leave it to cool overnight on kitchen side and put in fridge the next day.
That was always good enough for me. Just used leave it plain and flavor by adding whole berries or whatever i fancied at the time.
you can buy cheaper and nicer from the lidl
termite20 m ago

you can buy cheaper and nicer from the lidl

Well I'm on a mission and currently it's costing about 70p for a litre of yogurt is about 1.55 and I know for sure it ain't got anything extra
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