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Found 18th Jul 2007
I bought one of these for myself but i am so skint i have to sell it
There seems to be loads on ebay though and i am not an experienced seller, should i just stick it on now anyway or wait until all the ones on now have sold as apparently these arent releasing any more in the uk.

what do you think?
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There are 2 ways it could go, The bag is either a faze that will soon end or they will go up in value....
yeah thats what i am thinking?? i am thinking there are loads on ebay cos they just sent out all the orders and when these are gone thats it... BUT people could get bored of them now there are more OR they may actually release more!!
My opinion is you should sell the bag within the next month. While this bag is a current "must have" as I personally think once the hipe is over the bag will go down in value.

I find that alot with designer items, unfornuately I have a very expensite habit with designer items and i always wish I have sold my stuff, while they are the current season or the current "must have" item, as unfornuately it always go down in value.
When Sex And The City ended I was at the "wardrobe sale" in New York and bought a couple of manolos Carrie wore on the show, if I sold them soon after I bought them, I would have got lots for them, but now I would be extremely lucky to get back what I paid (so it is lucky I am a massive fan of the shoe, so won't sell them!!!!!!) and they are quite rare as they come with signed scripts & photos from the scenes Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker), but yet they won't be very valueable now.

Although the market, may be flooded I am sure the value of this bag is higher now than it would be in a few months time.
Someone on here recently (within last week/this week) sold one for £100 quid.

If you got your for £5 at sainsburys then thats still a good profit!!
Thanks barbie, good point! Still reckon you could sell those shoes now for loads!!!

IomRF, i paid £10.50 inc p&p for it from the Anya Hindmarch website
i put it on ebay, will see how it goes!:thumbsup:
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