Anybody a teacher or a PGCE student?

Found 17th Jan 2011
Hi guys,

Can anybody help, for my PGCE interview there is a section on lesson planning (10 minutes with a partner) what would they expect you to talk about in that short time? (primary)

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wouldn't it be better for you to post your question on the TES website
yes but there are also lots of wonderful people on this site!

yes but there are also lots of wonderful people on this site!

You sure about that...
If your doing it with a partner, dont take control of the planning but also dont let them take control. Use both of your ideas.

The lesson planning itself..

You should have 2-3 aims for the lesson, its important to descibe them at the start.

When delivering the lesson try and make it progress e.g. talk about as a group of pupils and teachers, then just the pupils talking and sharing ideas and finally test the pupils at the end to check understanding and learning. Also to check you met your orginal aims of the session
Are you going for the whole day and this short interview is part of the day on lesson planning?
also make any acitivites fun and enjoyable for the children, if its not, when they go off and talk in their groups they will end up talking about cartoons etc
Im Secondary but should apply:

In 10 minutes they arent looking for the world, they are looking to see how you are and the way you can interact,
yes it is a full day with tests and exercises. many thanks Brewster some great tips
the example on the welcome letter is a lesson plan after a school trip
You'll do the lesson planning as a group and the interview part may refer to your groups lesson plan and compliment the good bits and mention what you may have missed out, but the interview will be just that an interview I.e why you won't to become a teacher? what experience you have? ect, ect
thanks slamdunkin. The interview part is only 5 minutes!!!
They will probably ask how you think your 1st degree is relevant
I don't know if you would find them useful but here is a series of videos about lesson planning.
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