Anybody a wireless networking expert?

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Found 19th Oct 2007
If my router uses wpa (tkip) encryption but my ap only supports wep encryption can I use it to repeat my wireless signal?

I would test it but when I hooked it into my network I couldnt get to the config page for the AP and I cant remember what IP I gave it ... also when I try to change my router to bridge networks it requires the MAC address of the AP and I cant find it

Anyone know where I can find it?

I'm pretty sure the answer to my original question is no and this is a long shot, but it would save me £30 spent on a repeater / range extender..

Also, does anyone know anything about 802.11n technology and whether it will be backward compatible with b and g technology? Im sure it will ..

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I'm pretty sure you will need to change the router's security to WEP. The MAC should be on the router itself or on the configuration page and 802.1n is backward compatible (in a sense)

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Thanks Robotochan,

I dont much fancy changing my routers encryption to wep, Id rather fork out £30 for a range extender ....

I had a look on Access Point (which is a router itself) but it didnt have the MAC address on it only a serial number and an 8 digit character set which im not sure what its for, but its not hexidecimal :-(

I cant get to the config page on the AP as I cant remember the IP ...

Good to hear 802.11n is backward compatible

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Does anyone own an 802.11n router? Are they any good?

I was looking at the D-Link RangeBooster N 650 Router DIR-635 - Wireless Router & the D-Link 4 PORT 802.11N GIGABIT ROUTER- For Cable Connections

but couldnt really see the difference.

Do these routers really produce twice the range of a g signal? will it be more than a Mimo XR router?


[url][/url] is place for networking skills post on newbie
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