anybody an uber driver on here ?

    Every time I open my Uber app I notice there's nobody in my area so me thinks there's money to be made,how Easy is it to start ?


    Um... Do some research.

    Which area are you in?

    Uber only operate in certain areas.

    Depending upon the area, you'll need to be licensed by the local authority, as a Private hire driver or Hackney licence.

    Uber rates are generally quite low, but you'll hand over 25% of each job to Uber.

    In London for example, it's well known that the majority of drivers do not make minimum wage, after overheads. Only answer for them to make money is to continue working longer hours.

    Good luck....

    Original Poster


    Um... Do some research.

    This is hukd that's not how it works you know that,ask on here first then google it

    u need to see if they have started in ur area yet are u already a private hire driver at the moment. they will probably come in your area at some point if this new legal challenge they have lost gets reversed otherwise it seems game up for them. they have recently come in my area Stoke-on-Trent and they have around 70+ drivers I would say but a lot of the drivers join and leave after a fews weeks as they think they will have to pay more tax and stuff lots of private hire drivers I recon avoid paying full tax but with uber it's a lot more clearer for the tax man to see everything they doing so when they work 80+ hours a week and can't say they've world 40 hours and earned 20 quid.

    Turn the key.

    They should have covered this in your driving lessons I would have expected...

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