Anybody been to Alicante?? Just looking to book a 3 night stay for us 3 girls and just wondered if it would be alright?

    Just wanted to know what the town and beaches are like? We are only staying 3 nights so don't really need loads to do but didn't want to be stuck in a quiet little town. Looking for somewhere with a few pubs and a nice beach really. Would this be any good for us 3 girls aged 26-29?


    not the greatest place in spain tbh

    You would be better off down the road at Benidorm

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    We can get it for £130, thats flights and hotel. We are just looking for a weekend away and we'd end up having a laugh pretty much wherever we go, do you know if there are many pubs in town?

    Only been there for a half day looking around. The pomenade by the seafront is really pretty with some nice cafes and market stalls overlooking some rather tasty yachts in the marina. However, on trying to find a bit more life in the town, it did seem to be a bit short of action.

    It may be that we didn't go to the right areas, but it didn't seem to have as much to offer as say Murcia, which seemed to be quite lively, especially around the Uni.

    While this part of Spain has a few decent beaches, having lived in the south and north of the coast of Spain, I personally find it the poor relation of the country. If you want a short break, might be better with Malaga, Seville or Barcelona.


    Benson's Bargain;4676655

    You would be better off down the road at Benidorm

    No chance, a holiday in Helmand would be better than Benidorm. Awful, awful hole.
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