Anybody been to Blue john cavern in castleton??

Found 9th Apr 2012
just wondered it anyone had been to Blue john cavern in castleton as were thinking of going there tomorrow,but found some mixed reviews some saying it only lasts 30 minutes max and some saying otherwise.
Just after any info from anyone whos been
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Been there a few times. It's lovely but not for the unfit! There's literally hundreds of very steep steps to go down during the tour. Then you have to climb back up them. The tour itself is fantastic and parts of the mine are still in use. Be warned it's freezing and wet down in the cavern and the floor is manky so wear some trainers and pants you don't mind messing up.
I agree with momartin. It is cold and filthy, but worth the trip if you like that kind of thing.
Just beware of your sat nav. My OH sticks to what it tells him, no matter what and it took us down a very narrow footpath oO. I told him not to but what do us mere women know?!
I would say it lasts around 30 mins maybe a bit more, but it is facinating. I got some good pics (you will need a flash), and bought some blue john from the shop. My 10 year old enjoyed it. Might be worth phoning before you go if its raining heavily, just in case.

Lots of sheep out there if you get bored
Thanks for that momartin
how long did it last for i read its a guided tour and you cant roam round
is this right

Lots of sheep out there if you get bored

Ha Ha yeah
thank for the info ,think ill look for something else im wanting more of a day out and we only live 30 mins from castleton so would be home and done in 2 hours lol
There's not really the space to roam around to be honest. Every level you go down to has an open area where the guide talks to you. It took us about 40 mins I think but it was very quiet and only my partner the guide and I went down. I think they usually take bigger groups but I'm not sure on the limit. There's picnic tables right outside the cavern so bring some sarnies if you fancy it. The gift shop is lovely but quite pricey for decent chunks of blue john stone. As previously mentioned use common sense as well as a sat nav!
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