Anybody been to these cities Toronto & some US

    Thinking of doing a trip to some of these in February, just wondering if anyone has experience & any decent places.



    been to CN tower in Toronto ... pretty amazing!!! google it

    Toronto was ok, the other cities on your list I would avoid like the plague.

    I really liked Toronto, can't help on any of the others though.

    Am sure Magicbeans was over in Canada this year

    Toronto has a really cool european vibe and you can use it as a base camp to travel to Niagra falls. You can visit the baseball stadium and it has a decent music scene and night life. I stayed in Kensington area for a while and it's really laid back and pleasant.

    As for the other cities, there great examples of American nothingness.

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    As for the other cities, there great examples of American nothingness.

    great quote!! out of interest is Detroit rough?

    edit: Detroit seems rough!! although obvious tourist areas are ok
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    "As for the other cities, there great examples of American nothingness" Personally I seem to remember a waterfall at Buffalo which wasn't too bad!

    If you've already done the major US cities, I'd say go for it.

    Maybe avoid Buffalo though. I travelled from New York city on the train to Buffalo to meet a friend there before going on to Niagara and Toronto. The guy in the ticket booth at Buffalo train station STRONGLY advised us that we didn't want to be there when it got dark. It's not the safest of places apparently.

    Toronto was great though. A bit lifeless after New York maybe but well worth a visit. Would really recommend Niagara On The Lake too. Lovely quaint old picket fence town.

    Oh I met an American once that described Detroit as hell on earth but never been myself.

    Been to most of the places, Toronto and Pittsburgh would be the only two I would choose to travel to from your list.
    Buffalo is right across the border from Toronto, and is good for shopping, but is a bit run down. Be prepared for a 90 minute or so immigration queue if you are a EU citizen.

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