Found 30th Mar 2007
Im off to tunisia on sunday and want to know wherethe best place to exchange money there? i am staying in the Iberostar Phenicia
in Hammamet. In the airport, in the hotel or in town?



Is it better to exchange there rather than in the UK?

when i went you could only change your money over there,

and you had to change your left over money back in2 uk money before you leave

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you are not allowed to take teir currency in or out of the country.

'Tunisian money

The Tunisian dinar is divided into1000 millimes. It is issued in the following denominations:

[*]Bank notes of 30, 20, 10 and 5 dinars;
[*]Silver coins of 1 dinar and 500 millimes (1/2 dinar); and
[*]Copper coins of 100, 50, 20 and 10 millimes.[/LIST]
The dinar’s rate of exchange for the sterling pound is approximately 1D = £ 0.50; or £ 1 = 2D000.

The importation and exportation of the Tunisian dinar is illegal and this prohibition is strictly enforced. You cannot acquire dinars outside Tunisia. The law provides heavy penalties for offences against exchange-control regulations.

On leaving the country, after a short non-resident stay, you may re-exchange up to one-third of the amount of dinars you bought legally, up to a maximum of 100 dinars, provided you can show receipts. There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency you may bring into the country. The law requires you to declare to the customs authorities on entry any amount in foreign currency you are carrying if you expect to have 1000 dinars or more in foreign currency when you leave (i.e. over and above what you expect to spend on your stay here).

Keep all the receipts for the currency exchange operations you make during your stay. They may be asked for by the customs authorities at the airport when you are leaving.' (


most airports have a few exchange places aswell, hope you have a nice holiday and you will love i know i did.

be careful of the "he/she" women/boys really cannot tell and the "women"! are so beautiful!

watch for people trying to selling things on the beaches

If you open a Nationwide bank current account,you can add funds to your account just before you go and you can withdraw money in local currency in whatever country you are on holiday and there are no charges whatsoever.They are also offering £100 if you switch your current account to them,as long as you have a qualifying product with them for 6 months or more.
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