Anybody connected there Wii to the internet in the last 30 days? 500 free Wii points available

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Found 12th Mar 2010
Anybody connected there Wii to the internet in the last 30 days?
i can get you 500 free Wii points


not yet - going to do it today so how do I get the points please ??

please share

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This offer is a genuine Nintendo offer, but is only available to people who have connected their console to the internet for the first time in the last 30 days or have not connected yet.

Getting your free 500 Nintendo points is a very simple process all you have to do is,

Ensure your wii console can connect to the internet From the main wii menu click on the wii shopping channel

once the wii shopping channel has loaded click on the Connection Ambassador button in the bottom corner Select "person who was helped"

Enter ************* (this is my wii number)

when prompted, answer the few questions any way you want; the answers dont matter.

To find your Wii console's number follow these steps

Go to your Wii main menu

On the bottom right there should be a message icon. If you put your cursor over it it would say "Wii message board". Click on it.

ON the next screen, on left hand side bottom of your screen you will see 2 icons. The second says create a new message. Click on it.

ON the next screen you would see 3 icons and one of them will say "Address book", click on it.

When you click on Address book you should be able to see your wii console's number. It is a 16 character number

PM me stating your wii console's number

I -NEED- this number so that I can confirm on my wii console that I helped you.

If you don't send me this number I cannot complete the offer and you won't get the Wii points

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