Anybody else banned from Asda refunds?

Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Has anyone else been banned from refunds online with Asda groceries?

Back in February I had approx £10 in refunds mainly due to one of the boxes been missing - the driver refunded half of it himself but missed plenty off, and some was damaged.
They phoned me as I'd been flagged due to the amount - understandable and when I explained all seemed OK.

Then last week I had a loaf of bread and a melon that looked like it had been ran over, and some fish out of date. So requested a refund.
I then get a call saying my account is suspended due to suspect activity - effectively calling me a thief.

Complained to customer services who said they couldnt see anything on my account b ut could unsuspend.
Emailed CEO office and theyve basically said my account is unsuspended but any future refunds I need to provide photographic evidence! No apology, nothing.

Will be taking my business elsewhere! £13 of refunds on a spend of probably £1500 this year!
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