Found 30th Jun 2009
i signed up to sky and got their hd+ subscription,was told i was entitled to the 12 months free sky talk line rental. great i thnk. saves me money. so i cancel my virgin etc and take sky up on offer.

today i logged on to my sky account to look at my bill to see they have charged me for line rental twice!!!. so call sky go through whole thing with advisor who told me no such offer is available, nothing on my account. after about 20 minutes of arguing with her, i was looking at the page with offer on whilst on phone to her. she was saying how did you get to this page, i cant find it, whats the url etc.
seriously getting frustrated so she says i cant have offer as she cant see it anywhere to validate it. omg how stupid are these people? (didnt say that but thinking it).
so i am told i have to print out and send a copy of the sky page to them for them to look at. i asked if i could email it, she said fine, but i find out they have no direct email address just a link from their help page which has no option to add files or attatchments.

anybody else experienced this?
i am so frustrated, nothing is easy it seems.
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why didnt you spell out the URL letter by letter to them over the phone

was it the far east sounding sally from lincoln you spoke to who just happened to think the weather today was great?
How about a free spell checker ??
I have just signed up with the same offer.... so it DOES exist
I just signed up aswell getting done on thursday,

I have just signed up with the same offer.... so it DOES exist

just found it barmy how the staff in the sky talk department were unaware of what offers there are.
the bloke from sales when i aranged line to be installed etc definately said i could have the offer, and it doesn't seem to be a secret so why can't the staff be informed.

perhaps i should direct sky to this site as proof, lots of posts on the free line rental offer.
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